Our Covid Policies and Practices

Hi 2021 Towne Motel guests! We are open,  following Maine’s travel regulations: Currently No restrictions for residents of ME, VT, RI, CT, MA and NH. All others need a negative Covid test, full vaccination, or two week quarantine. On May 1, these restrictions will be lifted for all states! As you can imagine, we have been having a pretty quiet season so far,  which can be a good thing for travelers in need of relaxation and restoration! Yes, not all restaurants are fully open, and the boats are following a different schedule, but there are also fewer travelers to vie for them. And there is plenty of what you probably came to Midcoast Maine to enjoy: trees, lakes, trails, ocean, mountains, and other forms of natural beauty, all of which are good for your health and usually allow for plenty of social distancing.

But of course, we want you to stay healthy and safe in and around our property as well. Immaculately clean rooms have always been a top priority at Towne Motel, but this year we have been working hard to make changes required by the state of Maine, recommended by hospitality organizations, and suitable for our property, guests, and employees. The following are also based on a class we took this spring, “Lodging Foundations,” a COVID-19 online training course developed by Hospitality Maine, in conjunction with Eastern Maine Community College. 

Here are some of the changes we have made for the (un)foreseeable future:

Checking in: Our check in process can be as contact free as you’d like it to be. If you prefer not to come into the office, you can let us know by phone or email in response to your reminder email, and we will let you know how and where to get your key and welcome note. Office check ins will be limited to one (small) party and / or person at a time, and commonly used surfaces and items will be sanitized after each check in. We will be wearing face coverings during check in, and we request the same of  our guests. If you can’t find your mask(s), we have some for you outside the door, and there are hand sanitizers both outside and inside the office.

Common Indoor Areas: given that we have a motel, and will not open our dining rooms until it is safe enough for guests and staff to do so, the only indoor area visited by several people a day is our office, where we are observing social distancing rules as described above. Almost all guest rooms open up to the outdoors; there are only two rooms which share an interior corridor, and that corridor has a window and a door which is open during the daytime. If more than one of these rooms is occupied ( which has not happened so far this year),  please wear a mask as you walk through the corridor. 

Guest rooms and Housekeeping: in order to protect both our guests and our staff, we will not enter your room for housekeeping during your stay,  unless you request it, or in case of emergency. Daily contact-free towel, trash, and coffee service is of course always available. Between guests, we have always cleaned and disinfected all surfaces and high touch items very carefully, and this season we have emphasized these activities even more thoroughly.


Outdoor Seating Areas: we have three outdoor seating areas in addition to the chairs outside each room, and we ask that you observe social distancing rules when you use them. If you want to use the chairs outside your motel room, and your next door neighbors are using theirs as well, please wear face coverings. We always try to schedule as much space and time between occupied rooms as possible. 

Breakfast: Unfortunately, our continental breakfast cannot be served in our indoor dining areas this summer. Instead, depending on the number of guests, weather, and other factors, you will  receive a breakfast basket in the morning, or we will have a grab and go breakfast and beverage station (“ manned” by one of us) with individually wrapped items outside the office. We will miss seeing all the fun socializing around the breakfast table this year, but there will still be fresh home-baked goodies every morning, and we will find new ways to serve our popular Towne Motel granola and homemade yogurt with fruit. As always, we can still accommodate most dietary restrictions if you give us 24 hours notice ( and often even when you don’t)! 

Maine State Policies for travelers ( these continue to be in flux, and we will update them here as frequently as possible and  necessary)

  • Residents of Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Maine, as well as essential workers from other states, can travel freely, without quarantine or testing. 
  • All other travelers are welcome if they have quarantined in Maine for fourteen days or are planning to do so upon arrival, or if they have taken a Covid test and tested negative. Hoteliers, innkeepers, and any other hospitality business owners and staff will not ask for proof of this test, but you will need to sign a compliance form attesting to the fact that you have quarantined or tested negative 72 hours or less before your arrival in Maine.
  • For the most recent updates from the governor’s office, click here: https://www.maine.gov/covid19/restartingmaine/keepmainehealthy/faqs

Please feel free to call or email us about any of these items if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for visiting during this unusual time – and welcome to Camden and Towne Motel!



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